Eat food (consciously), not too much, and mostly from plants

– Michael Pollan –


Food plays a vital and key role in our lives. Not only is food vital for our body to function, grow and sustain itself, but it also has symbolic meaning associated with love, sensuality, comfort, security and power (Marion Winkler, 211) [1]. For centuries, we have turned to food to heal our bodies, to celebrate, to grief, to praise and to seduce, among other things.

Nowadays, more and more studies on nutrition are shedding light on the influence food has on the human organism and the role it plays with preventing and curing diseases diseases (James F. Balch & Phyllis A. Balch, 2009) [2].  Increasingly, the words of Hipocrates, said centuries ago, are proving to be true: “Let Thy Food be your medicine, and Medicine by Thy Food”.

Food also provides one of the strongest connections you can have to Nature and to others. In an interview by Oprah Winfrey, Michael Pollan explained that when you eat your food you’re not only taking Nature inside of you in the form of vegetables, fruits, and protein, but you are also creating a connection with all of those who took part into making possible for you to have that meal in your plate. In his own words, “when we eat we are taking the entire world into our bodies”.

Food also has the power of nourishing your Soul! When you cook and make your own meals, you have the opportunity to create awareness and to express your creativity. When you sit to dine with others an opportunity inevitably opens to unify and create a space of community to share, have meaningful conversations, and nurture your relationships with the ones sitting with you in the table.

When it comes to dietary choices, the truth is that “One Size Never Fits All”, however, there is a general consensus that the same basic food choices and lifestyle changes, such as eating more vegetables and fruits, drinking more water, and managing stress, can and will benefit every person  (Integrative Nutrition Inc., 2013 – 2017) [3].

Food has the power to heal you, and meals are sacred occasions that we all should take more seriously. Follow me on my BLOG to learn more about the benefits different types of food can offer you, and for fun, delicious and easy-to-make recipes to enjoy with your loved ones!


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