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My Whole30® journey: healing my relationship with food (PART 1):

There I was, reaching my mid 30s and still having serious adult acne breakouts on my face, feeling guilty for having no self-control and binge-eating to cope with emotions and anxiety, barely sleeping 4-5 hour of sleep a night, and constantly feeling a physical discomfort in my digestive system every time I went out to eat.

That was my modus vivendi 30 days ago, ironically while simultaneously doing a certificate in integrative nutrition and health, where I was learning about “primary foods” (the things that go beyond our food plate that nourish our soul and bring us joy, purpose and meaning), and about how food has the power to heal your body and soul. Maybe it was this irony, of not applying to my life what I was learning, or hearing from reputable voices the importance food has in your body and life, what finally shook and pushed me to prioritize my health, focusing on healing myself from the inside out through food.

I first learned about Whole30® earlier this year when two of my very best friends decided to embark in their whole30® journey. At the time, I took a different path and chose another “new-year-new-you” diet regime, aimed at renewing, re-growing and nurturing my gut system[1]. I remember seeing what my friends were eating vs. what I was and, although I was supportive, I was also highly skeptical about their food choices. It wasn’t until I saw first-hand their process, transformation and growth, not only physically but most importantly emotionally, that I realized the value of the Whole30® program towards healing your relationship with food.

Fast forward to a little more than 30 days ago, I took a decision to change my life through food. The reason was very clear: I wanted to create a healthy and sustainable baseline of food patterns and habits in my life. I needed for once and for all, to establish a clear communication with my body, starting with paying attention to my thoughts and beliefs, learning to listen to my body and honoring its needs, and making wise and educated decision with regards to how I choose to nourish it. I needed a reset.

After reading a little more about this the Whole30® program, and through my friends’s testimonies, I chose to dedicate 30 days of my life to eliminate everything, food and emotionally related, that could be harming my body and soul. To my surprise, another three of our friends decided to join, and with the help of our two other Whole30® veteran friends, we formed a group of 6 wonderful and powerful women to support each other during this journey of self-transformation.

Doing the Whole30® together with this “team” of friends, all working simultaneously towards bettering themselves for individual reasons, has been key to completing successfully this protocol, at least for me. From the first moment, preparing ourselves mentally and physically to embark in this journey, and then throughout the 30 days, the power of the group has proven instrumental to help us stay compliant and motivated to finish this program strong. We shared tips and recipes, we kept ourselves motivated, we called us out when we were lacking a little bit, and we even rescued each other when our emotions or distractions were too strong and we were in risk of falling off the wagon; thank you friends for being my support system! 

So today, on day 31, I would like to share with you how was my own experience during these past 30 days. I believe the process and results are different to everyone since every person has their own struggles and life dynamics. For instance, I am single and I work from home, so I have it relatively easier than others. Two of my other friends doing the program have small kids and a full-time job. Another one recently had her first baby and has never done a food regime in her life. One of our Whole30® veteran friends decided to do this program for the second time, not to heal her relationship with food this time, but to heal other aspects of her life through food. And finally, our other friend not only has a full-time job, but also teaches yoga in the evenings, and has a bunch of things going on in her life. With that being said, I can surely and confidently say that we all had positive changes and that this program has changed us, if not grandly, at least a little bit, but most importantly, taught us a lot about ourselves.

Read “My Whole30 journey on healing my relationship with food (PART 2)” for the summary of my process and results. I tried to summarize as much as I could my journey, so if you have any specific question, feel free to contact me or comment below! I would love to hear from you!

[1] The “renewing, re-growing and nurturing your gut system” diet proved to be good, but not sustainable at the moment for me, since I started this diet with an unhealthy baseline with my food patterns and habits. I understood that I needed a reset, changing my relationship with food, so that I can be successful if I decide to go on another weight loss regime in the future for whatever reason.

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