Soul, yoga

Ying and Yang

Yin and Yang ☯️: Two halves that together complete wholeness.

We all have Light and Darkness inside of us, as well as Feminine and Masculine energy. I’m not referring to the concept of “male or female”, which refers to individuals who identify as being men or women, but rather to the opposite energies that not only humans, but also plants, animals, atoms, particles, and all elements and things have. Two different energies that attract and complete each other. No one is greater or weaker than the other; both are powerful when fully expressed.

Depending on how these energies are balanced inside of us, we can react differently to specific situations. As I try to find balance in many other aspects of my life, work, health, social life, how I express my creativity, etc., I’ve beginning to reflect on how I can also bring balance to my inner feminine and masculine energy. How can I continue to be nurturing, empathetic, collected, creative (all feminine energy qualities), while also being assertive, unapologetic, brave, a go-getter (all masculine energies)? On the other hand, in which situations should I have been softer, more compassionate, more flexible or less analytical?

Consider this next time you are negotiating something, or having an argument with someone, when thinking about what plan you have to put into action to achieve something, or perhaps when reflecting on what inspires and moves you.

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