Week 2: Sample Meal Plan, preparing for the holidays!

Isn’t it crazy how fast October is coming to an end? We are fast approaching the end of the year, and with November and December comes the holiday season! I personally have at least two major commitments involving traveling in the next few weeks, and although I don’t intend to go crazy drinking and indulging in everything that comes in front of me, I do plan on relaxing and enjoying the events, making good decisions, having fun, but most importantly, being present!

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How to shop smart when doing your groceries? Plus FREE Weekly Meal Plan

I have a secret to tell you: The trick to home cooking and eating balanced and delicious meals is PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING!

Ok, maybe it’s not such a big secret, however, very few invest the time and energy to plan their weekly meals. I promise you that sitting down to plan your (and probably your family’s) meals for the week only takes a few minutes to do! Plus, it will save you not only time when cooking, but also money, since you wont have to eat out so much, and you’ll know exactly what to buy when doing your groceries!

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Baking as therapy + Pumpkin Bread

“When you are stirring the pot, stir the pot!” That’s one of Michael Polland advises, as he explains how cooking [or baking in this case], not only is a good to ensure a healthy diet, but also, is a great way to practice mindfulness and really Be in the present moment.

I love preparing my own meals and the entire process that it entails, from doing my groceries to sharing what I have prepared with my family and friends. Cooking and baking is a great way to channel my creativity, it gives me a sense of purpose and really helps me quiet the thoughts and concerns that are constantly running in my head. It truly is a physical and mental therapy!

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Reiki and Energy Healing

I’m sure you know that everything is fundamentally energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.  What you might not be very aware of, is that if you don’t transform the low frequency energy in your body (like anger, fear, shame, etc.), you will transmit it, not only to your body, but also to others and to your surroundings.

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Orange & Grapefruit Mixed Greens Salad

Florida is known as a top leader in citrus fruit production and is responsible for growing most of USA’s citrus crop (think: oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and grapefruit). Citrus are in season for at least 10 months of the year in Florida, guaranteeing no shortage of these delicious fruits to sample at any time. I went to the grocery store last week, and when I looked at the citrus offering, I felt like they were smiling; I had to take a few with me!

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My Whole30® journey: healing my relationship with food (PART 2):

If you want to read why I decided to do a WHOLE30® program, go to my blog post “My Whole30 journey: healing my relationship with food (PART 1)”

First things first: What is this Whole30® thing? According to the Whole30® Day by Day book, Whole30® is a program designed to help you figure out how the food that you are eating is affecting you. In this experiment, you pull commonly problematic foods for 30 days, then reintroduce them one at a time and compare your experience. It is an experiment designed to improve your metabolism, digestion and overall health. In fact, they call Whole30® a reset, not a diet since it’s not about weight loss; there’s no calorie counting or restriction. Its purpose is to learn how food affects you and to create new healthy habits (Hartwig, 2017).

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My Whole30® journey: healing my relationship with food (PART 1):

There I was, reaching my mid 30s and still having serious adult acne breakouts on my face, feeling guilty for having no self-control and binge-eating to cope with emotions and anxiety, barely sleeping 4-5 hour of sleep a night, and constantly feeling a physical discomfort in my digestive system every time I went out to eat.

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Ying and Yang

Yin and Yang ☯️: Two halves that together complete wholeness.

We all have Light and Darkness inside of us, as well as Feminine and Masculine energy. I’m not referring to the concept of “male or female”, which refers to individuals who identify as being men or women, but rather to the opposite energies that not only humans, but also plants, animals, atoms, particles, and all elements and things have. Two different energies that attract and complete each other. No one is greater or weaker than the other; both are powerful when fully expressed.

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